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Things you should do.

Upload photos, artwork, or other acceptable forms of media in which you have permission to use by the content creator(s) and/or rights holder(s). And, of course, have tons of fun!

Things we'd rather you NOT do.

Please refrain your urge to upload or create content that contains: gore, obscenity, advertising, solicitations, "hate speech" (i.e. race, gender, age, religious, sexual orientation, etc.), or material that is threatening, harassing, defamatory, or that encourages illegality. Furthermore, do not hotlink to adult content or upload illegal content (such as child porn or revenge porn). Don't impersonate others. Don't use our service to host images for your website or otherwise link elsewhere (e.g. advertising, avatars, forum signature, etc).

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Images you upload

We allow (and encourage) you to upload images and share them online with the audience of your choosing. If you do not mark them as private, they might be publically listed and accessible on our service. Personally-identifiable information is not allowed in images, especially if public. Images the relate to any subject matter mentioned within the "Things we'd rather you NOT do" section are not permitted regardless of privacy setting.

Notices of Copyright Infringement

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